I have a hunch that after an initial explosion of effectiveness, MS-Office, CRM systems and their ┬áilk may now be dumbing-down the actual conducting of business–and killing personal job satisfaction. In many companies, it is more important to know how to create a fancy PowerPoint(TM) or enter data into a CRM system than it is to know how to engage person-to-person (even if by phone). Data entry is now a HUGE portion of any white collar worker’s day. Is it for you?
I’d like to hear your thoughts on a) the question posed above; and b) how you think the modern business could improve–ideally radically–its effectiveness in regards to administrative overhead that is currently on the shoulders of every office worker. Please think outside the box. Incremental improvement is good, but is there a way break out of the current ever-encroaching model of ‘system servitude’?